Deposium 2019

How can we learn from each other and across cultural borders? Do we need another chair? What does it take to make today? How do the local and the global correlate? What is the role of the designer? Who educates whom? What impact could we cause or achieve?

A collective of eighteen creatives have gathered together from various European countries in the charming countryside of Banska Stiavnica collaborating with Banska St A Nica. Over the course of these three days we’ve been exchanging thoughts, ideas and learnings of the many roles we each play as artists and designers in local and global contexts.

Throughout these three days we’ve been discussing and debating in and around the topics of sustainability, entrepreneurship, communication and education. We have all come to a mutual understanding that we all live within the In-Between, which is the title of the exhibition you see here tonight. The In-Between exhibition encompasses various processes that speak to these four themes of discussion, how we’ve responded to the local environment here in Slovakia and how we see ourselves positioned as creatives. None of us feel defined by a discipline, an outcome or an industry, how we converge is with our shared values of wanting to make a positive impact however big or small. We all exist between the In-Between.
Sat. 10  August

A. Gwerkovej-Göllnerovej, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica, Slovenská Republika