Denisa Kollarova

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Eighteen participants of the Deposium 2019 were invited to bring a book or a text to share with the group and broaden the collective knowledge, during the four days in Slovakia. Books traveled from personal or studio libraries together with participants to Banská Štiavnica. This ‘common library’ has captured my attention, because each book represents a reference with which each participant arrived to one location. Rather than treating each book individually, I was interested to work with the collective knowing and its relations. ‘In Order Of’ was a performance inspired by these thirty books and their connections. Books were organised in order of book titles, and their meanings when constructing sentences. The pile of books in movement turns the exhibition space into a sentence, turns sentence into rhythm of movement of human bodies. Library is organised in order of the continuous sentences that suggest what kind of conversations took and could take place in four days in Banská Štiavnica, during the Deposium 2019.